Bristol North offer a range of competitions to suit all levels of swimmer.  In fact, being a smaller club we aim to ensure that nobody misses out; that everyone has the opportunities that they need to compete at a comfortable level which helps them progress their swimming.

As we are a competitive club, it is expected that all squad swimmers compete. This can be very frightening for new, particularly younger swimmers, and so we have many events on the annual calendar to make this transition easier. 

There are a number of different types of competition and this can be confusing for first-time parents and swimmers.  We have attempted to distil this into something that ordinary parents, like us, can digest. 

Club Championships

Just us (no other clubs are involved) and held every June.  A great way to start competing in a supportive environment, develop race practice and gain personal bests.

Leagues & Galas

We enter leagues like the National Arena league and galas hosted by other clubs.  They are a terrific opportunity to compete as a team and typically available from 8 years.

Open Meets

The club organises individual entries into open meets for its members.  Our 9/over swimmers use these to develop race experience and acquire Championship qualifying times.

County Championships

are held annually in Gloucester for qualifying 10/over swimmers and are a great opportunity to compete at a higher level, and experience competitive swimming at its most exciting.

Regional Championships

are the goal for the majority of swimmers and coaches and require a strong training plan teamed with dedicated attitude from swimmer, coach and parents.

National Championships

 are the peak of amateur competitive swimming and a significant achievement for those who reach this level.

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